Learn Stand Up Paddling with us!


Stand up paddling is a new fun sport that originated from Hawai and has experienced a real boom in the world. It is presented as the ultimate fitness inthe nature.

Whether you’re an adventurer who wants to peek into each bay of your favourite island’s, a lover of big waves or rivers and lakes, SUP gives everyone an unforgettable experience.

SUP is safe and does not require special conditions, just flat water if you are beginner.

We can offer SUP begginers lessons and equipment rental.

SUP LESSONS FOR BEGINNER’S/ What will you learn:

  •  Safety
  • Getting familiar with equipment
  • Prone paddling
  • Knee paddeling (how to hold the paddle)
  • Stand-up paddeling
  • Proper paddling stroke
  • How to use paddle for balance
  • How to turn the board
  • How to pick up and carry board

Price list:

SUP-a lessons
Price / kn*
1 hour


SUP rental
Price / Kn*
1 hour
2 hours
3 hours

*Organizer keeps the right to change the prices