Island Brač, Bol

On the south side of The Island of Brac is Bol, the oldest town on the coast of Brac. Long sandy and pebble beaches stretching in the distance of ten kilometres and numerous springs of drinking water have made Bol the first tourist oasis on The Island of Brac. In Bol you can’t miss the pride of Bol – ‘Zlatni rat’, certainly one of the most beautiful beaches of the entire Adriatic coast with its peak moving and dancing with the wind and waves. In the past, the main trade of local population were fishing and vineyards while today they are increasingly focused on tourism because the city is a popular tourist destination.

Accommodation in Bol:

Bol, with quality hotels, offers more than 2500 beds in private accommodation. In 1927 the first motel was founded. It was built from a renovated house that later increased its capacity. After that, more and more households began providing accommodation. Today there are numerous hotels and hotel complexes such as Bretanida, Borak, Elaphus, Bonaca and others. Most hotels are located in the Golden Rat area. Within private accommodation you will find rooms, apartments and private houses. There are also several smaller camps. Accommodation in Bol includes a Dominican monastery that offers beautiful nature and peace for those seeking spiritual and physical relaxation.

In addition to accommodation, there are also a number of recreational activities such as tennis, and especially kiteboarding and windsurfing.

What to see in Bol:

Apart from the beautiful beaches and scenery as well as excellent homemade cuisine, Bol has various sights worth visiting. One of them is The Kopačina Cave that offers a view into pre-historical The Island of Brac. There is also the local museum of The Island of Brac, which is located in the village of Skrip. Nearby is also the oldest quarry on the island.

Archaeological site, Lovrečina sandy beach near Postira, Blaca desert, once a monastery and today’s museum, are just some of the many sights. Also, be sure to visit Vidova gora which is also the highest peak of all Adriatic islands, with a beautiful view of Bol, The beach of ‘Zlatni rat’ and the Central Dalmatian islands.


As the most popular surfing destination in Croatia and the rich offer of other sports activities, Bol is full of young people in the summer always in the mood for rich and cheerful nightlife. Our recommendations include bars, nightclubs and cocktail bars, most of which have a high quality dance floor. The most popular are the cocktail bar of Varadero and after beach bar Auro.

Where to Eat:

Bol has a number of restaurants, numerous pizza places and snack bars. The restaurants offer typical Dalmatian dishes prepared from seafood, meat but also offers various vegetarian specialties and its local specialty, famous lamb from Brac. You can also enjoy in a famous wine from this area, Plavac.

How to get to Bol:
By car:
Motorway A1, Zagreb-Split, Dugopolje exit and the following signs to Split harbor.
By plane:
If you travel to Bol by plane, you can take advantage of the airport on the island of Brač, 10 kilometers away from Bol. If you use Split Airport Resnik, the final arrival to the island will enable you to sail a ferry, catamaran or a hydrofoil. The nearest airport is in Split, 25 km outside the city center, where you can catch a ferry or catamaran for the island of Brac. From the airport there are several transport options to reach Split / Bol.

You can fly to Bol from Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Osijek, Belgrade. Since this year 2018 new flights have been introduced to Bol from these European countries and cities:

Austria: from Vienna, Linz, Graz, Innsbruck
Belgium: Brussels
Netherlands: Rotterdam
France: Deauville
Switzerland: Bern
Slovenia: Ljubljana

Taxi – cijena taksija je oko 300 kn, dogovorite se za cijenu prije nego što krenete iz zračne luke.

“>> Taxi – the price of the taxi is about 300 kn, you agree to the price before you leave the airport.

Ferry to Supetar on the northern side of Brač is the most common and leaves Split 15-20 times a day in the main season. The price is 28 kn per person. Bol is 36 km away from Supetar. It can be reached by taxi or by bus. You can also take a ferry from Makarska to Sumartin on the eastern side of the island. From there the distance to Bol is 28 km.

There are catamaran connections from Split to Bol and Milna, unfortunately few departures per day.