Sailing school Laser PICO


We can offer an alternative options for active holidays in our kiteboarding school.

Laser Pico is a small sailing boat, which is used for daily sailing. It is intended for beginners and others who are looking for entertainment and active leisure time.

The basic sailing course programme consists the essential knowledge and skills of sailing.

By spending the majority of our sailing lessons on the water, we believe students retain their skills long after their sailing lessons have been completed. Therefore, at YellowCat sailing school the majority of our sailing instruction is conducted on the water — it is simply the best way to learn to sail..

Begginers course program/what you will learn:
  • Sailing Terminology
  • Points of Sail
  • Rigging & Derigging
  • Hoisting & Trimming Sails
  • Tacking
  • Jibing
  • Sailing by the Lee
  • Proper Commands
  • Important Knots
  • Basic Navigation Rules
  • Man Overboard