Useful Tips

  •      choose flights with enough time between them
  •      be careful when choosing the airport – often larger cities have multiple airports – avoid going to the wrong airport
  •      check the dates and days of your trip to avoid confusion when making reservations and at the same time see that there is maybe a public holiday in the destination of your holiday and maybe banks, shops and other services are closed
  •      check in time that your passport is valid and all necessary travel documents for entry to a specific destination
  •      when making reservations check the accuracy of your information (name and surname) who must be identical in a plane reservation, such as in your passport or visa
  •      note the time difference when booking flights, hotels or rental cars.
  •      make copies of important documents: passport, visa, travel insurance, credit cards, reservations
  •      check whether they accept credit cards you carry to the country you are visiting
  •      check international call rates, mobile and fixed, and if you can use your mobile phone in the country you are traveling
  •      make sure when you stay in a foreign country not to attract thieves and pickpockets with your appearance, jewelry or behavior – in public places not show money or other valuables
  •      respect the culture, rules and customs of the country you are in.