Twenty years ago, there was an old cat and an idea about a top-quality sports vacation. Today, Žuti Mačak is a travel agency, sports equipment store, ski and bike equipment servicing and rental shop, kite-boarding school and accredited centre specialised in children`s programmes.

Žuti Mačak travel agency has been helping its clients with organising business trips, conferences, seminars, professional workshops and team buildings in the country and abroad for 20 years.

We organise every step of your trip and event whether you are travelling to a specific destination, adrenaline team building or chartering a boat. Our long-time clients and the good standing of our agency, with which you have surely become familiar by now, are our best reference. Žuti Mačak agency offers flexible travel services at the top level of expertise, value and standard. Our aim is to facilitate and improve the process of organising and realising business trips, always having in mind the individual needs of our clients. Our services include everything you need for a good organisation of a business trip. We will book your plane tickets or organise a bus transport for all the participants. We collaborate with over 40 000 hotels in the country and abroad where we can book your stay or help organise a conference or a seminar, in addition to services such as renting technical equipment, organising cocktail events, formal dinners and free time activities for the participants (excursions, theatre plays, sightseeing, visits to the museums, etc.). If you wish to organise a quality and interesting team building, we will help you create a detailed theme programme such as an oenological-gastronomical programme, sailing, skiing, rafting or kayaking. Whether it is your idea or ours, we guarantee that the elaboration and the realisation of your trip will be at the top level, and that it will be a memorable experience for your business partners and employees.

However, before you go on your trip, make sure you visit our Žuti Mačak sports equipment store where you can get all the equipment for your winter and summer activities. We exclusively offer top sports brands, and we always have promotional prices and discounts for you. Our sales personnel will help you find and choose suitable sports equipment, whether it is cycling, skiing, kite-surfing or hiking.

If your ski or bike equipment requires servicing, you can contact our Žuti Mačak servicing shop with full confidence. We will not only prepare your equipment for winter and summer activities, but our servicing shop also rents everything you need for your top sports vacation!

Žuti Mačak – your sports brand of choice for 20 years!